4 Practical Time-Saving Tips to Boost the Productivity of Your Salon

4 Practical Time-Saving Tips to Boost the Productivity of Your Salon

One of the major hurdles that salon owners face is the shortage of time due to improper time management. Unfortunately, time wastage can lead to missed deadlines, appointments, and procrastination. Sadly, poor time management is a common practice amongst small business owners.

As a fact, business owners spend 32% of their time working on important aspects of their business and 73% of their time handling less important business tasks.¹ To help you manage your time, improve productivity and boost revenue, here are time-saving tips to try.

Boost Your Salon’s Productivity With the Following Time-Saving Tips
Saving time in your salon will enable you to achieve more, motivate your employees, and maintain a better work-life balance. The following tips will help you to manage your time better.

1. Set Smart Goals
One of the most effective ways to save time in your salon is by setting goals. Setting smart and realistic goals will help you to stay ahead of your tasks and keep track of your time. It will also take away the pressure that comes with multi-tasking.

Focusing on one task at a time improves your efficiency since the task receives full attention. Although you cannot prevent unexpected events or tasks from popping up, a schedule helps you to prepare ahead of time for your day. In turn, handling tasks with adequate preparation saves you time.

2. Reduce Distractions
Distractions are a leading cause of time wastage in many salons. In fact, studies show that about 99% of workers feel distracted taking 2 hours to refocus after the interruption.² Even though some of these distractions like client complaints are unavoidable, you can minimize them.

One of the major distractions is the use of mobile phones. Using phones while working has led to poor customer service which is a major client turn-off. To mitigate such, limit the use of mobiles, gossip, and watching tv during breaks.

3. Delegate Some of Your Tasks
Although you are a small business owner and the boss, you do not have to handle everything on your own. Attempting to do so will only leave you exhausted, frustrated, and with unaccomplished tasks.

Delegating some of your workload not only saves you time and gets more work done but also motivates your team. In turn, your staff will be willing to do more hence boosting their productivity.

4. Batch Your Tasks
Batching your tasks allows you to group similar tasks and assign them a given period of time. For instance, you could set aside two hours each day to run management tasks. By batching your tasks, you will be able to handle related tasks without feeling overwhelmed.

Another area to consider batching is social media. Social media marketing is effective but can be time-consuming and distracting. If you set aside an hour each day for social media, you will avoid the distractions hence saving time.

Boost Your Productivity With the Above Salon Time-Saving Tips
By setting smart goals, batching and delegating tasks, and reducing distractions you will be able to save time and increase the efficiency of your salon.

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