InstaSculpting FAQ: Your Most Pressing Questions Answered

InstaSculpting FAQ: Your Most Pressing Questions Answered

Every business needs a solid knowledge base for it to thrive, much like our FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) guide for InstaSculpting.

The body contouring landscape, for example, may be relatively new but it is a lucrative venture.

However, you will need to be knowledgeable about how InstaSculpting works not only to be able to effectively manage the business but to also dispel your customer’s fears.

If you’re considering opening up an InstaSculpting business you may want to read what’s ahead.

Instasculpting FAQ
How Safe Is the Procedure? (#1 FAQ)
InstaSculpting is a completely safe procedure. InstaSculpting uses ultrasonic cavitation, a concept that has been around since 1960.1

The sound waves used in the procedure do not affect the veins or internal organs in any way and only the fat cells are targeted in a painless treatment.

Make sure you advise your clients to drink plenty of water before and after the procedure to help flush out the fat.

How Much Fat Can My Customers Lose in a Session?
It is important to note that InstaSculpting is not a weight loss program in itself. Instead it is a part of a larger and more comprehensive weight-loss regimen.

You should recommend proper nutrition and exercise to your customers for optimal results since the procedure is not a substitute for these programs, but a supplement to their efforts. It only helps in giving faster results towards achieving weight loss goals.

What Makes InstaSculpting Different From Other Treatments?
InstaSculpting is quite effective when it comes to fat and cellulite reduction. Studies have found that traditional liposuction methods do not treat cellulite.2 In fact, existing cellulite appears more prominently under ordinary liposuction.

InstaSculpting on the other hand treats both cellulite and the accumulation of fat directly thus promoting fat reduction in the target areas as well as smoother skin.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?
There is no standard number of procedures as this tends to vary from person to person. While some will see results after a single treatment, there are those who will need more.

Most people however need only two sessions. The treatment routine is also dependent on the results your customers need.

Provide them with varying treatment bundles to optimize results and to ensure they get the best value for their money.

What Guidelines Should My Customers Adhere to When Taking the Treatment?
A low-calorie diet is recommended, along with a daily water intake of at least 1.5 liters before and after each treatment. This is to facilitate the elimination of dissolved fat from the body.

Prior to starting treatment, they should also avoid taking in foods such as breads, rice, soda and alcohol.

In general it’s important to note that body contouring is not advisable for pregnant women, cancer patients and people with heart conditions like coronary artery dysfunction, heart disease, have a pacemaker, or irregular heart rhythm.

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