Ways to Provide a Spa-Like Experience in Your Chiropractic Clinic

Ways to Provide a Spa-Like Experience in Your Chiropractic Clinic

Although chiropractors help relieve patients of their pain, chiropractic clinics are associated with fear and pain. From the sound of popping bones to the fear of facing their pain, there are several reasons why patients dread seeing a chiropractor.

Spas on the other hand offer a calm and relaxing environment that helps treatments to progress smoothly. Fortunately, you can offer a similar experience in your chiropractic clinic to help put your patients at ease. Read on for ways to provide a spa-like experience for your chiropractic clinic.

Provide a Spa-Like Experience in Your Chiropractic Clinic With the Following Tips
When clients enter a spa space, they are welcomed by sights, fragrances, and sounds that inspire and relax them. Offering such an experience will get you more clients and expand your wellness center. Here are a few ways to do so.

1. Radiate a Reassuring Demeanor
Spas offer an inviting and warm reception that makes clients feel welcome. Similarly, when receiving chiropractic clients, you need to welcome them with a genuine smile and a hearty conversation. Although the reason for the visit is serious, the welcoming doesn’t have to be uptight.

Following the warm welcome, your chiropractor team should also radiate a reassuring demeanor. Although your job can be demanding, do not handle your clients while stressed. Find ways to relax so you can assure your clients that their session is going to be okay.

2. Scent Your Rooms
Although scents cannot make your clients’ challenges disappear, they can help them calm down despite their pain. Spas provide enticing aromas throughout the rooms by using essential oils. Right from your reception to the treatment rooms, you can leverage the power of aromatherapy.

Consider using various essential oils such as strawberry, lavender, and vanilla to emanate a delightful scent in your clinic. This experience will encourage your clients to re-visit your clinic.

3. Offer Post-Treatment Gifts
Another way to create a spa-like experience in your clinic is by offering post-session gifts. You can offer thank you gifts in various forms such as key holders, printed mugs, and other items your clients are likely to appreciate.

When clients feel appreciated they are more likely to become repeat clients who refer you to others. Better yet, referred clients have a 37% higher retention rate with 81% more likely to engage with a brand offering rewards1.

4. Play Soothing Background Music
Playing relaxing music helps to create a spa-like experience that helps clients to calm down. Moreover, the music can help distract your patients from their pain and the scary sounds of bones popping. In fact, 75% of people feel less stressed when listening to their favorite music.

Examples of music to play include soft classical music and RnB. You can also find out what sort of music your clients prefer so you can play it in the background. Clients can also listen to their own music if they wish to via their headsets.

Provide a Soothing Clinic Environment With the Above Spa-Like Experience Tips
The above tips will help you to create a spa-like experience in your chiropractic clinic. As a result, your clients will enjoy their treatments, become loyal clients, and refer you to others.

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