Why Your Spa Needs A Social Media Monitoring Strategy

Why Your Spa Needs A Social Media Monitoring Strategy

While social media is a good place to generate more leads, having a social media presence is no longer sufficient to get the most out of social. You need a strong strategy to help you manage your presence better by monitoring your spa’s engagement.

About 61% of businesses have a social listening strategy in place and are monitoring keyword mentions.1 Looking at this statistic, a social media monitoring strategy is a must-have for your spa. Keep reading to find out why your spa needs social monitoring.

Reasons You Need To Adopt A Spa Social Media Monitoring Strategy

Social listening entails tracking what your audience is saying about your brand on all platforms. Below are some reasons you need to develop a social listening strategy for your spa.

Helps Your Spa Clients Feel Recognized And Supported 

Today, 63% of customers expect brands to deliver customer service through social media with 34% preferring social media for service.2 You can only serve your customers well by listening to them and responding to their needs.

A monitoring strategy comes in handy to help you respond quickly to customers by identifying when your spa is mentioned. The faster you respond to them, the better they will perceive your brand. In turn, they will remain repeat clients who refer you to others.

Helps Find Influencers And Brand Advocates For Your Spa

Influencer marketing is a great way to boost your spa awareness on social media. Influencers may tweet or post about great spas they have been to or anything related to spa services. With social monitoring in place, you will capture spa-related keywords on an influencer’s social post.

Social listening helps you to identify influencers who are interested in what you have to offer. You can then reach out to them and work out an agreement. With proper nurturing, influencers and top fans can become great advocates for your spa thus helping you generate more leads.

Identify New Trends And Content For Your Social Posts

Posting regularly is crucial if you want to maintain the interest of your audience and keep them engaged. However, posting regularly isn’t enough if the content is not fresh and interesting. Also, coming up with fresh ideas regularly is quite a challenge.

Investing in a social listening strategy helps you track the beauty industry, competitors, and related topics. This way, you will easily capture trends and new ideas that you can add to your content calendar so you never run out of ideas.

Helps You Perform Competitor Analysis

Aside from helping you listen to what people are saying about your brand, social listening can help track your competitors. An analysis of what competitors are doing can help you perform better and bridge gaps they are unable to.

With a social listening strategy, you can view what people are admiring about your competitor and what they are complaining about. If prospects are complaining and your competitor is giving them radio call silence, it is an opportunity for you to recommend your spa.

Improve Your Social Media Marketing With A Spa Social Media Monitoring Strategy

Adopting a social listening strategy will help you listen to and respond to client concerns thus giving them a great customer experience. To get that and the above benefits now is the time to develop a social listening strategy for your spa.

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